Democratic Socialists of America

The Fire This Time: We Can’t Breathe

Friday, June 19th at 7pm ET/6pm CT/5pm MT/4pm PT 

Covid-19 has intensified the underlying public health crisis in Black communities and has led to death rates for Black at three times the level for White people. Police enforcement of social distancing regulation intensified the daily oppression Black people deal with from the police. In response the Black masses have launched a nationwide wide rebellion in the streets and in our workplaces, the example of which is being followed by the wider working class.

On Juneteenth, Black activists and other POC allies will get together to discuss the history of Black health under capitalism, the current Covid capitalist crisis and how to Fightback. We will hear a series of report backs and have panelists give their analysis of the past and present as we chart next steps in the fight for Black liberation as socialists.
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