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Tell The Today Show: Don't Re-Brand Racism!

The Today Show just did a softball interview with Patrick Casey, the leader of racist "white nationalist" group Identity Evropa (pronounced Eur-OH-pa.) Identity Evropa was one of the far-right groups that organized last year's deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

The interviewer asked Casey a bunch of easy questions with no rebuttal — including letting Casey get away with saying "racist" is just a "buzzword."

White nationalism is rebranded racism, and normalizing racism isn't acceptable. The Today Show shouldn't let violent racists pretty up their image by airing hate group representatives like Patrick Casey.

Call the Today Show now. Tell them firmly and politely that they can do better. Their phone number is (212) 664-4602.

The more unique your call, the more attention it will get, so please customize the script below.

Script to Customize

Hello, my name is __________________

Thanks for taking my call.

I have a complaint / I want to make a criticism / I want you to know

I am shocked / unhappy with what I saw on the Today Show on TV / on your website. [They may ask what city you are in and/or what station you were watching]

If you are a regular watcher: I am a longtime fan / viewer / watcher / of the Today Show. I've been watching the Today Show since I was a kid / in high school / in college

I was shocked / outraged / appalled / astonished / flabbergasted 

When I saw Patrick Casey of Identity Evropa [pronounced Eur-OH-pa]

was given airtime / was on your show / was on my TV screen / was on my computer screen

to spread without rebuttal / challenge / counter-argument

his racist white nationalist / creepy racist / neofascist / disgusting / dangerous

views / contentions / assertions

I demand that the Today Show pull the Identity Evropa/Patrick Casey clips from your website, social media, and any future reruns of the show; issue an on-air apology and retraction; and run a follow-up piece featuring those harmed by white nationalist organizing.

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