Democratic Socialists of America

DSA Medicare for All National Campaign Kickoff

Tuesday, December 8th at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT/6 pm MT/5 pm PT

As a result of COVID, millions of workers are losing their jobs and their insurance. Even those with insurance struggle to afford the cost of hospital treatment (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars). The communities hit hardest by the coronavirus, such as the undocumented, largely do not have any health insurance coverage at all. If we want to save lives and beat COVID, we must put patients and healthcare workers over the profits of insurance and drug companies. Our government must ensure that everyone, regardless of employment, immigration, or insurance status, has access to the healthcare they need — including free testing and treatment.

In order to get politicians to buck their donors and side with the majority they are supposed to represent, we have to threaten them with a mass, popularly-based political movement. The movement of the kind we need to achieve Medicare for All will only be built through connecting with millions of people across the country, in their neighborhoods, town halls and workplaces.

Join the Democratic Socialists of America as we launch the next round of our campaign to win Medicare for All. Hear from healthcare workers, essential workers, and legislators why this fight is so important and how we are going to win it. Connect with other DSA organizers to build strategic campaigns in your chapters and coordinate throughout your region. Learn what resources are available to get your campaigns off the ground. Build the working-class movement to win a piece of real democratic socialism!

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