Democratic Socialists of America


This fight was always bigger than Bernie.

If you're mourning the end of Bernie's campaign, you're not alone. Today, our fight continues. Together we're carrying the torch.

What members are doing now

DSA members campaigned hard for Bernie, but his campaign comprised only one small piece of this work. In addition to the DSA members running downballot races across the country, our fight extends far beyond electoral politics — and in the midst of COVID-19, our chapters are doubling their efforts. A few examples:

• Birmingham DSA members are distributing free meals for students.

• Chapters across the country — including Denver DSA, Metro DC DSA, and New York City DSA — are campaigning to #CancelRent, successfully aiding tenants in pressuring their landlords.

• Restaurant workers and members of local labor branches are fighting for relief for industry workers in the wake of COVID-19 — and continuing the longer term project to organize workers in an industry that cannot be run without them.

Can you chip in today?

DSA's work is entirely funded by donations from grassroots supporters and members across the country. 

Please note: donations to DSA are NOT tax deductible. You can consider giving a tax deductible contribution to our educational sister organization, the Democratic Socialists of America Fund (DSA Fund).

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