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In a few weeks, a delegation of members from the National Political Committee and the International Committee will travel to Sao Paulo for four days to offer our concrete solidarity to Brazilian political and union leaders on the front lines of the struggle for human, labor and environmental rights. Help them get there!

Twenty years ago, the Workers' Party (PT) came to power in Brazil and implemented policies that brought 40 million people out of poverty, offered new educational opportunities to poor, Afro-Brazilian and indigenous youth, and strengthened South-South solidarity, in order to counterbalance US imperialism in Latin America. However the attempts to advance towards democratic socialism in Brazil under the PT governments were derailed and then definitively buried after the coup against President Dilma Rousseff in 2016 and the election of neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. As Brazilians prepare to head to the polls for the first round of elections this October, their choice between rebuilding their democracy or continuing a barbaric slide towards authoritarianism could not be any clearer. The delegation will join parties and organizations across the international left in solidarity and political accompaniment as the PT's electoral coalition aims to re-elect Lula as President, as well as other important down ballot races, and protect the democracy of one of the largest voting populations in the world. 

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